Why do I pay the full refund?

Why do I pay the full refund?

As the Organizer, it is your choice to choose whether or not you want to issue refunds to your ticket buyers. It is the Organizer’s full responsibility to refund the Attendee the full amount of his ticket cost minus processing fees of Paypal and The Mob’s Press processing fees.


Ticket is $10 plus tax

The Mob’s Press Processing Fee: $1
Taxes: 1.30 (Ontario HST)

Total for Attendee= $12.30CAD (ON taxes)

The Mob’s Press Processing Fees: -$1 = $11.30
Tax Split: TMP (86%) $1.12 – Organizer (13%) $0.18
Total before Paypal fees: $10.18
Paypal fees: 2.99% -0.30$

Total for Organizer= $9.58

You will have to pay the full ticket price of $10 if the attendee wants a refund or should you cancel your event. Neither Attendee nor Organizer will receive The Mob’s Press Processing Fee as a refund.

If you do not want to issue refunds, you must state this in your event details. We will make sure that it is noted on your Organizer page.


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